I’m not fantastic at drawing, but I can get away with it by playing a little with perception, vectors, and colors.

I’m not fantastic at drawing, but I can get away with it by playing a little with perception, vectors, and colors.

I accidentally left my camera at a friends house. When I picked it up, I found this on it. Not bad, Monica. I have some weird friends.

One night stand with a C300

Today I had some alone time with the Canon C300. I used to criticize this camera for it’s capabilities and it’s price tag of $16,000. I must say after really exploring this camera inside and out, and whispering naughty things in its ear, I would still criticize the price tag, but I sort of love the camera.

It’s the best camera I have seen to date which pleases both your run and gun DSLR shooter due to is size, weight, and video output, and it also appeals to your more old-schoolish (best term I could think of) filmaker who likes to take time to set up the shot, attain a high dynamic range, and record seamlessly. Right of the bat, of the few things I noticed of the camera which stand out to me are that it does not have any rolling shutter issues, it can record 1080p at 60fps, it had dual memory slots, comes in PL or EF, and best of all (in my opinion) is that it performs remarkably well in low light.

Seriously, the low light capabilities of this camera are remarkable. We output the image to a large monitor and grain would start to become noticeable throughout the image after 10,000 ISO. I was pretty impressed. It’s too bad they didn’t let me keep any of the footage to show.

We had two other gems on location and that is one of Canons new lenses; the 14.5 to 60mm and Libecs new light weight jib with remote head (very inexpensive too). Check out both items in my two previous posts.

This is the new Canon 14.5-60mm T2.6 cinema zoom lens. As you can see, it is quite large. It weighs about 10 pounds, it has 11 blades to deliver a very smooth bokeh, its focus ring turns 300 degrees, and its estimated price is $45,000. Yikes!

This is Libecs new Swift Jib50. WOW. This jib really impressed me. To start off with, it comes in one piece (know that this does not include tripod or remote head), it only weighs 36 pounds, it extends up to about 8 ft, it’s sturdy, and best of all, it’s cheap. 

The jib itself costs $2,300. (inexpensive for a jib like this).

The remote head is its own story all in itself. I’ve used quite a couple remote heads, and this one by far is the best. The remote has a built in smart chip, which basically means that the start or stop of any movement will be very smooth instead of the jerky movements you will get from other heads. It spins 360 degrees in all directions, it has tangle free cabling, and it can even be set up for birds eye view. Oh yeah, this one is also cheap.

The Remo30 costs $3,000 dollars. (Accessories included)

For more info or to purchase, visit Libecs website at:


I saw your underwater video and I was wondering what type of picture profile or color grading you were using on the T2I footage. Also, what framerate did you originally shoot it at and/or finally conform it to?

Hi Logan. Thanks for your interest. I shoot all my videos with Cinestyle (link at the bottom if you dont know what it is). Cinestyle gives you a very flat image so you have more room to move around in post. After I shot it, (60p), I took it into After Effects where I made it approximately two and a half times slower and then I color corrected using both Magic Bullet Looks and Magic Bullet Colorista II.


Connoisseur of everything not boring.

Hi, my name is Wilmer and I’m easily bored. 

Sometimes I find myself reading things and doing things which don’t bore me. That’s when I come to the sudden realization that I am either about to die, or I am just plain boring. There are a couple of things that go on in my day to day life which keep me far from insanity 

Where to begin. To date, the most powerful catalyst in my mental sanity has been my DSLR camera. It not only takes amazing pictures (or should I say the user), but it also shoots HD video. Not to direct too much attention to my ego by saying that I know a whole lot when it comes to tips and techniques of this digital media, but I know a lot of tips and techniques. Of course if I was to dispense this information now, I would die of starvation. Let’s take it slow.

Breathe… Calm down… Easy now….


Slow motion and $40 underwater housing video coming soon.